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Why Choose Us

why choose us

At PainterSingapore’s Painting Service, we have 20 years of involvement with remodel and painting administrations. Our artwork administrations utilizing true Nippon Paint are accessible for a wide scope of clients, from HDBs to apartment suites, to private domains. We have an excellent group of more than 50 painters to do quick work of art administrations at perhaps the most minimal cost you can discover in Singapore. Even though our costs are low and our administrations are quick, we don’t vacillate on quality, and still guarantee a fabulous, enduring completion each time. We utilize veritable Nippon Paint straightforwardly imported from our dependable providers to embellish your home in any capacity you need it.

Since our beginnings, we’ve transformed our client’s homes into their fantasy living space. We’ve worked with various customers since our establishment. We accept that shading massively affects a space, regardless of whether it be loosening up space, lighting up a dull room, or making a complex, exquisite completion. With regards to shading, you can confide in Color Creative to discover the ideal fit. Imaginative Color is your confided in accomplice that you can depend on to convey amazing administrations in Singapore.

Offering Affordable & Quality Services

After some time, paint can chip and blur away. You may even find that the shading you once adored is obsolete or sometimes falls short for the remainder of your stylistic layout and furniture. This is the place our skill and sublime Nippon Paint come in.

Our group accepts each need to feel invited in their homes. You need to feel great and glad in your room, and the most ideal approach to do that is to guarantee you are pleased with your space. A new layer of paint can do ponders for space, and it’s actually why we have a committed group of contractual workers accessible for painting occupations. We are the group, you can trust to convey magnificent administrations with premium instruments.

Book Our Great Service

It’s our central goal to give you that quality covering in every last one of your rooms. Our paints incorporate Nippon Paint, known as one of the most top-notch paints and shading organizations anyplace on the planet. Consolidating this quality paint with our effective administrations and committed group implies that you get the best outcomes. Our administration is accessible for all Singapore homes, including HDB, condos, and private domains.

Get The Best Features:

  1. Quality

Your home is the place in which you will spend most time of yours. With our tremendous quality of paint and expert painters, we give our best from the start to the end of every project.

  1. Assurance

Over 5,000 homes have granted us to paint their homes in Singapore. You can rest assured that your home will be as beautifully painted just like the way you dreamed.

  1. Service

From the commencement to the end, our in-charge expert will manage the entire project to ensure that star quality is given throughout. If you need any corrections in the work you can directly connect with our in-charge supervisor.

  1. Affordability

With our reasonable prices, you do not have to suffer about spending expensive prices. We regularly do review our price format to assure that they are sensible for our customers.

  1. Confidence Of Work

We have over 20 years of endowment, making us one of the explorers of the painting industry. You can have the confidence that we will be able to produce you a fresh new look for your home without a glitch.

  1. Interior Painting Services

The interior painting combines all stencils, designer walls, Texture painting, and customized wall painting according to necessities.

  1. Stencil Painting:

Crafted from set designs, stencil painting can absolutely develop the vibrancy of a room in moments.

  1. Texture Painting

Our revolutionary, bold, and up-to-date– texture painting can give personality to the drabbest of walls.

  1. Wood and Metal Painting

Our team of professionals assures that the tricky wood painting process is seamless and impeccable for the best outcome.

  1. Rental Painting

it is perfect for those who’d like to give a house an instant make-over. By employing touch-ups, paint coats to the thorough cleaning of the house.

  1. Kids World

Spaces dedicated to children have specially created keeping in mind color schemes and the child’s temperament. We propose a plethora of themes to choose from to put that glorious smile on your little one’s face.

  1. Waterproofing

We secure that our waterproofing projects are intricately planned and achieved by a skilled team along with the best materials.

  1. Exterior Painting Services

Our specialist team of painters makes sure that the exterior walls are painted beautiful and they ensure that it gives a positive vibe.

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